S&OP Process

Get your S&OP process working right ...

Focused on the big issues, making effective decisions, driving action and growing your team

Does your S&OP process

Focus on the big issues, never getting bogged-down in detail.

Make effective decisions, and engage the full team in implementing them

Generate high-impact actions – and see them executed

Anticipate issues and opportunities and place you in a position to respond early

Drive continuous improvements in service, cost and working capital

Run every month, on time with full engagement

Make good use of everybody’s time

if not, let us help you to get it working the way that it should

Businesses that use S&OP effectively to drive continuous improvement perform better:

Inventory levels

 10-30% lower

Sales growth

 3-5% faster

Customer service

 3-9% better

Profit margins

 2-8% higher

Take stock of your strengths and weaknesses, set priorities, engage your team, plan the improvements

Get expert input and suggestions for improvement

Grow your team’s understanding of S&OP and Supply Chain Management

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