Practical Sales and Operations Planning

for Manufacturing and Service Businesses

"Calm and effective today,
ready for tomorrow"

Our areas of expertise


Implement a proactive S&OP process that drives your business objectives.

Reports and KPIs

Deliver reports and KPIs that support accountability, decisions and actions.

Sales Forecasting

Produce better sales forecasts with less effort.

Supply Planning

Plan for excellent customer service and efficient operations.

Inventory management

Optimize your inventory levels and tackle the root causes of inventory

Continuous Improvement

Drive Continuous Improvement through S&OP.

How we work with you


We help you to focus on the small number of changes and improvements that deliver maximum business benefit. 


We help you to build the Processes, Systems and organizational Structures that deliver consistent, high levels of business performance.


We help you to grow your team’s capability to operate and further develop your S&OP infrastructure and your whole supply chain.


We provide the ongoing support that you and your team need to operate the processes and maximize the value delivered by your resources.

Who we are ..

SOPPLAN is the trading name used by John Chase to deliver Sales and Operations Planning services to manufacturing and service businesses in New Zealand and everywhere.

"John provides excellent guidance and expertise in S&OP implementation. From analysis the current position through to process mapping, and ultimately implementing the right tools for us."
“I have engaged John on numerous projects over the last 8 years to lead change in S&OP and continous improvement programs where I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable and credible. I have come to think of him more as a business partner than consultant. I especially value his broad business knowledge and ability to cut to the things that matter for tangible benefits.”
Brendhan Greaney
CEO at Tatua Co-operative Dairy Co.
“John has an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of Sales & Operations Planning, and the ability & experience to make SOP fit & work the way that best suits an organisation. He has a wealth of different industry experience which he is happy to share with his clients.”
Ralph Blackburn
ex CFO at Prolife Foods

Why Work With Us


More than 30 years spent working with businesses in NZ, Australia and 8 other countries.


A practical approach that is sustainable and works in the real world.

Results oriented

Intensely focused on business outcomes and delivering measurable improvement.


I do this because I love it. There is nothing more exciting than to see people and businesses thrive and grow.

I have a deep understanding of Supply Chain theory and best practice, and the wisdom to understand where they are needed – and where they would be overkill. 

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