Practical Sales and Operations Planning for Manufacturing and Service Businesses

We provide the training, advice, tools and systems that you need to implement an effective Sales and Operations Planning process that aligns your team and achieves your customer service, cost and inventory targets.
S&OP Process

Implement a proactive S&OP process that produces effective decisions, monitors performance and drives actions to achieve your business objectives

KPI and reports

Produce KPIs and reports that support accountability, decisions and actions.

Sales Forecasting

Produce better Sales Forecasts with less effort

Supply Planning

Plan for excellent customer service. optimal inventories AND efficient operations

Inventory Management

Optimize your inventory levels and tackle the root causes of inventory

Continuous Improvement

Drive Continuous Improvement through your S&OP process

How we work with you

We provide the support and services that you require to implement an effective S&OP process – everything that you need, nothing that you don’t:

Who we are ..

SOPPLAN is the trading name used by John Chase to deliver Sales and Operations Planning services to manufacturing and service businesses in New Zealand and elsewhere.

Why Work With Us


More than 30 years spent working with businesses in NZ, Australia and 8 other countries.


A practical approach that is sustainable and works in the real world.

Results oriented

Intensely focused on business outcomes and delivering measurable improvement.


I do this because I love it. There is nothing more exciting than to see people and businesses thrive and grow.

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